Monday, October 29, 2007

Autumn in New England

I went out to do a photo shoot today and the girl I was supposed to shoot with didn't show up. I had been so excited to shoot the foliage that I wasn't ready to leave without taking a few photos regardless.

So I convinced Chad to walk around with me...
and slipped in a couple of him.

But hey, it's not like I'm unreasonable!
To be fair, I let him take some of me too ;-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Delerium and how we make it through

I had gum surgery last Tuesday (the 9th) and it's been a ridiculous stretch since then...

Let's start off with a little history. I've learned that there are two things that lead to gum recession. One is not brushing/flossing enough so that plaque builds up and your gums are separated from your teeth. The other is brushing too hard so that your gums are slowly worn away.

So. Looking back over my history I had a couple years of low blood counts and immune dysfunction during which I was told not to brush my teeth, because it was dangerous to do things that cause abrasion through which infection could enter. After those years passed, my dentist told me that I was incredibly lucky and I had no cavities but that I had a bunch of areas where it looked like cavities were just beginning and so I should be extra careful to take good care of my teeth. What he failed to mention was what exactly to do, and not to do. So I interpreted that as "brushing well" which ignorantly translated in my mind to scrubbing harder....

Fast forward through 5 or 6 years of (what I would now classify as) negligent dentists who failed to point out the hole that I was literally scrubbing my way into and I ended up with one tooth that had a gum recession almost all the way to the bottom of the root. I thought I was doing good (I never did end up getting any cavities)...

Well, my immune system still isn't stellar so after having the initial surgery, and being on tylenol 3 supplemented with motrin and eccedrin for most of a week with gaps of pain that led me to malnourish myself to the point of baseline hopelessness, it was clear that I was having problems beyond what the periodontist had anticipated.

I finally went to my medical doctor to ask what I could do, since he understood my history, and he put me on $85 (yes thats after insurance) worth of crap which has put me back on the up-swing. Yay for simple Nystatin and Levaquin.. along with percocet for the meantime...

Today I'm feeling so much better but I'm not thinking TOO silly optimistically because Chad is right when he says that if I change my expectations too much I'm just setting myself up for disappointment in case I do have another setback.

Anyways, I figured it's time for another magnetic concoction, and since it's been a very nonsensical week I think it calls for a very nonsensical haiku, the choice of which is inspired by Chad's (highly appreciated) attempts to soothe me by playing guitar and reminding me how good it feels to take baths.

Monday, October 01, 2007

How is your apparatus?

Yep, now I'm sick. Way to go Chad! Or I guess it could be the countless small children I come into contact with on a daily basis... anyways, this poem spoke to me today because assuming that a body is an apparatus for one's self, mine is really in question and I'm not thinking about it too fast....

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