Monday, December 22, 2008

The Snow is Following Me...

This is a video of how snow affects Portland, Oregon, where there are no snow plows and nobody owns shovels or snow blowers, so the smallest amounts of snow (by New England standards) simply brings the city to a screeching halt.

I've been out of work for the entire week and yesterday was the first day with over an inch of snow! Most days this week the roads were actually pretty much bare, but still nobody was out and the ones who were all had chains on their tires. It's a completely different mentality, and I find it quite amusing...

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Monday, June 02, 2008

El Músico

Looking back, this was one of the most authentic-feeling moments we had on our entire vacation.

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This is some footage from the town an hour up the coast from us that was slightly less tourist-focused, but still pretty crazy. One thing about Puerto Vallarta itself is that its ALL about the time shares. You can't walk 4 steps without being acausted by yet another guy trying to take you on a time share tour, but not saying so up front.

Well, we were actually invited into the restaurant in this video and were at first like "no, we're not interested" because we thought it was a time share. When he said he was just inviting us into his restaurant we decided to give it a shot. We were, after all, looking for a place to eat. But once we were settled in, he came up trying to get us to go on a time share tour! I guess the restaurants have some kind of symbiotic relationship with the time share guys. It does bring in business!

The irony to all this is that on our last day there, we had a few hours to kill between checking out of the resort and catching our plane home so we actually TRIED to go on a time share tour, figuring if we could make a couple hundred bucks in our down time then why not? As it turns out, after ALL that hounding, we're not even eligible to go on the tour because we're not over 30! You'd think they'd get that out of the way right up front... hah!

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Swimming With Dolphins

After the horses we decided why not step it up a notch and try riding a dolphin? unfortunately, we weren't allowed to have video DURING the experience since they make a killing off selling photos by what they call their "mexican paparazi" (one of which is featured below, the one and only that we purchased). But you can still see some dolphins :-)

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El jinete

I did a lot of horse-related activities as a kid, first attending and then counseling at a horse day camp and working at the ranch in exchange for lessons. During my years of chemo and weakened immune systems, I was technically not allowed to go back to work with horses, and since I've been in Boston I've realized that I miss them! So, when presented with a chance to go on a multi-hour trail ride that included breakfast, lunch, and swimming in a waterfall for just under $50 each we decided why the heck not??

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The Life on a Resort

Chad and I went on our first vacation together that didn't involve visiting friends or family... just taking time to relax. We got to use a week of his parents' time share, and decided to trade into a spot in Mexico. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the time shares in Mexico all tended to be pretty ritzy, and in the middle of tons of other crazy resorts. I'll post a series of videos but this one is just about the resort...

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Beginning

I've done a couple maternity shoots over the last week, which means some new newborn shoots are coming! I enjoyed doing the maternity shoots more than I expected, and I'm really happy with the way they came out. It's neat because yes it's about the belly but also it's about the very beginnings of a relationship, as well as the relationship between the existing family members. I chose a couple of my favorites but there were so many that I liked that the ones I chose are kind of at random. You'll have to go to my flickr page to see more.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Caterpillar

I'm on a roll with kids lately, which is awesome! Soon I should have enough photos to launch my photography portfolio website, which is a goal I've been working towards for a while now.

This little girl (who's parents call her their little caterpillar) is the youngest in my portfolio so far, so the session was full of new challenges and things to think about. It's amazing how different it is photographing infants outside the familiar studio environment. But I'm learning to use the new surroundings to my advantage. For example, this apartment had these amazing corner windows, so I decided to try a little back lighting. I think it worked well!

Monday, February 04, 2008

50 mm

I got myself a new lens recently, and went over to try it out on my friend's little girl. It has no zoom which I'm not at all used to so it was interesting to get used to moving myself around so much but it's totally worth it for the 1.8 F-stop! Check out that depth of field! What fun! I love it!

As usual, more from this session can be found on my Flickr

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yay for Vacation!

Chad and I disappeared for almost 2 weeks back to my parents' home in the Northwest. Boy, was it a needed vacation after Xmas season at the studio had me working like mad and Chad's work was no less forgiving... my mom wanted pictures of my sister and I, so I gave Chad my camera and orchestrated a photo shoot from the other side of the lens. I love teamwork! We danced, dipped, hugged, jumped, laughed, smiled and even posed a time or two. I made a fun little compilation of a few of my favorite shots.. although it was very difficult to choose!

We even got in a somewhat unconventional and one-day-belated New Years kiss

As usual, more can be found on my Flickr site

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

More Pictures!

I got to go play in the snow with a 20-month-old and his mom earlier this week, he was so much fun and we got some really great shots! Here are a few that I'm excited about...

As usual, more can be seen on my flickr page

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