Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yay for Vacation!

Chad and I disappeared for almost 2 weeks back to my parents' home in the Northwest. Boy, was it a needed vacation after Xmas season at the studio had me working like mad and Chad's work was no less forgiving... my mom wanted pictures of my sister and I, so I gave Chad my camera and orchestrated a photo shoot from the other side of the lens. I love teamwork! We danced, dipped, hugged, jumped, laughed, smiled and even posed a time or two. I made a fun little compilation of a few of my favorite shots.. although it was very difficult to choose!

We even got in a somewhat unconventional and one-day-belated New Years kiss

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Mike Machenry said...

Thanks such a pretty collage. Great work.

melissa said...

was so nice to see you! and to meet chad. move here soooooon :)