Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Merlin on Drugs

Merlin had to have surgery on his foot, apparently sometimes when cats are declawed and it isn't done quite right, the claw can try to regenerate over time, but by that time it has nowhere to go so it just sits inside the foot being really irritating and eventually tries to grow out some random place. which is what happened to merlin. This amazes me, because he was declawed when I got him and I've had him for 5 years! So they had to go in and remove the offending parts and amputate a part of one of his toes, because the internal infection had gotten so bad. poor guy!! so he's ok now but he is NOT happy. in fact, this is almost certainly the most offended merlin has ever been. usually he's just scared, but this time he's pissed off. there's no question about it. maybe a little humiliated, too, if i can anthropomorphize so much...

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I have no video to go with this because I couldn't find my camera battery that day - these photos my mom just sent me. My parents are the best, and it was great for them to take care of me that weekend while I did the first major thing on my own, without Mike, since moving to boston. I love you both so much, thanks for supporting me through everything.

Santa Cruz Cruiser

I'm finally posting again. dun-dun-nu-nu!
uh .. yeah - most people who will see this know the story, mike and i broke up and i was like "well now what?"
is it "headoff" now?
do i start my own separate site now?
for now, i've decided no - this is my life and people come in and out of it and I have to accept that fact.
so here you go. its just me now... at least for the time being.
and i'm still headsoff.
maybe i'll talk more about this later, if you're really nice....

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