Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Santa Cruz Cruiser

I'm finally posting again. dun-dun-nu-nu!
uh .. yeah - most people who will see this know the story, mike and i broke up and i was like "well now what?"
is it "headoff" now?
do i start my own separate site now?
for now, i've decided no - this is my life and people come in and out of it and I have to accept that fact.
so here you go. its just me now... at least for the time being.
and i'm still headsoff.
maybe i'll talk more about this later, if you're really nice....

Click here for Quicktime movie (in a new window)

Runtime is 30 seconds


Matthew J said...

Oh, sorry to hear about Mike. It's a bummer when something like that happnes. At least you have a good attitude about it, all things considered. I hope life takes a better turn for you.

Anne Walk said...

i'm glad you've decided to keep the site and keep on making, serra.

backinblakk said...

hey serra - hope you're getting lots of in person support - hugs , etc...i'm glad you're going to keep posting here.

Carl Weaver said...

Great - you are back on the vlog!

This reaffirms the old adage: "There's nothing quite like a Santa Cruz bicycle."

Anthony said...

Hey it was really nice meeting you in SF at vloggercon.
I'm glad you've continued to vlog on!
Cool ride. Well not really. But hey you were in Santa Cruz. :)

possibly vacuous said...

Yay, Serra. :)
I think that bike is great, and only some people are hip enough to ride it comfortably. I'm sure you looked splendid stradling that thing.

Killer B said...

Well, I dig the bike, but what do I know? You're the bike woman. I just have ones in need of repair in my entry way.

Ravi said...

Huzza for biking Serra! We embraced pedal-power on "RideTime" a few weeks back...

It looks like you had a much nicer biking environment out there.