Monday, October 31, 2005

Farmer's Market

I'm taking a documentary class at Emerson this semester, and this is the first project for that class. The assignment was to make a documentary about anything at all, but it must be between 2 and 3 minutes long and use at least 3 documentary techniques (ie: interview, voiceover, narration, b-roll, live action...). My group decided to do a day in the life of a farmstand at the Harvard Square farmer's market.

Click here for Quicktime movie (in a new window)

Runtime is 2:26

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bottomunion said...

I love watching mini-docs.
Good to hear you're taking a course.
Looking forward to seeing more.
Farmer's Market was a great choice of subject as well.

croquetbroom said...

there are farmers in boston? I'd think farmer's to be the anti-thesis of the cambridge/boston community. Plus it's like... cold and stuff.

BTW, I love this vlog. How's the juggling coming?

dskippy said...

Why do you think that farmers would be the anti-thesis of Boston/Cambridge?
Thanks for the comment, I'd love to chat if you send me an e-mail!

Tim said...

Very cool video. My wife and I love our local farmer's market! And it even runs until November (which is cold here as well). Luckily for us the freshness doesn't stop with autumn.

Also, farmer's market videos rule. Check out mine:

Carl Weaver said...

Great job, Serra! I love this one - it really grabs the fell of a farmer's market.

ryanne hodson said...

very nice video
support local farmers
this makes me happy
they have farmers markets in nyc on various days
this one day on the way to the movies, jay and i bought apple cider donuts from this one stand. best purchase ever. yum!