Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Film 2

Here is the second project I've done for my film class. This one involved actually editing the film, which was a fun yet trying experience. I think it went pretty well. I realized sometime between now and the last film I posted that the film to video transfer equipment at school really does a bad job, and so I color-corrected this one and desaturated it to true black and white. I hope it looke nicer than the last one and it isn't just me getting carried away with color correction :-)

Oh yeah. and it really needs a sound track. If you know of one, please share it with me.


Click here for Quicktime movie (in a new window)

Runtime is about a minute

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Killer B said...

I want to once again applaud your zoom in/out shots. Those kill me.

I have some quality tunes to share for this. I know I keep promising to give you guys music, but I WILL do it soon. Some Animal Collective or Sufjan Stevens would be good with this. Something that feels woodsy and lighthearted is what I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

there was beauty in the bening the slow strides and the humaneness... the camera angles... there was so much at peace. I liked the bug, always reaching and aspiring. So programed, so wound. we are all bug bug in the bowl.

Carl Weaver said...

How about "New Slang" by The Shins?