Thursday, April 06, 2006

Road Trip / Field Trip to Cine Lab

Last Friday, half my film class went on a field trip to Fall River, Massachusetts to see the lab where our film gets processed and printed and get a better understanding for what is possible and how it all happens. More than learning about the lab, we enjoyed the beautiful spring day and excuse for a mini-road trip...

Click here for Quicktime movie (in a new window)

Runtime is 3 1/2 minutes

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Killer B said...

I gotta do this trip tomorrow, and the machine at the end made it seem like it will be totally worth it :)

Carl Weaver said...

That's cool. I have no idea what was going on toward the end of the video, which makes you even more godlike for knowing what that guy was talking about.

I love machines, though. Cool stuff!

backinblakk said...

wow - now I totally want to go do a tour of the labs here in toronto. yesterday i left a roll of k-40 super 8 with the store that is the only place that used to know where to send it, and apparently they've switched carriers so it's entirely possible that i have sent that roll off to a black hole...anyway, thanks for sharing and for being interested in keeping film alive - Long live Film!