Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Work Nights

I was talking to Ryanne online while at work, and when she found out what I was doing she exclaimed "you're me!" and sent me these links:
New Friend
I work Nights

This is for you, Ryanne....

Click here for Quicktime movie (in a new window)

Runtime is 4 Minutes

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ryanne hodson said...

i'm glad you posted this.
man, i'm having flashbacks!!
yet, it's GBH!
how can you say no?

Joe said...

Hehe. Ghooooost tooooown. I want to remix this with spooky music. Thanks for posting. It's fun to see what you're up to.

p.s. nice site redesign!

Serra said...

haha! I'm glad you like it... I started revamping because "new blogger" wouldnt let my old template's "shotty coding" pass, and they made me choose a new template! so i basically had to start from scratch. I got to this point and then I had to leave for a class. hopefully it will beautify a bit as time goes on.. just getting the hang of the new blogger template/coding lingo... "widget" is a new css term...... hmm....

Carl Weaver said...

I love the repeating themes in this - going down the hall, the hand on the wall, etc. Definitely shows repetition and potential boredom but it looks like you are making a good time out of it.