Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is "goddess" a bad word?

Philosophically speaking, who are we? Who am I? Who are you? Who and/or what affects who we are; as individuals, as communities, as cultures, societies, races....

Obviously there is a lot to say about this and a lot of energy to be generated through the discussion - both positive and negative. Some people would claim that we have full control over our destinies, while others would insist that we have none. And while this debate rages in one corner of our existence, still others struggle to extract definitions as to what they all mean, and what is "destiny".

Using the English language as a paramount reference point, we bind ourselves into devastating paths that lead to absolute miscommunication. We land solidly in our anger and disagreement and manage to completely miss the fact that when it comes down to it, whether our dogma allows us to admit or forces us to deny it, we all just want to believe that there is something important enough to live for.

I've heard a lot of people who say they do not believe in concepts such as "luck", "love", "fate"... The problem is language.

I do believe in all of these things, especially love and fate -- in my own way. To quote an earlier fridge "haiku", "who says language is never purple?". Must we all agree on a definition for such universally personal things in order for them to be true? Isn't there room to simply accept that sometimes things work out in ways we would not have expected and then realize that "truth" can mean something different to each of us linguistically but still, without exception, hold the same weight and merit?

I do think that every person who enters our lives enters in order to teach us something. I also think that the lessons they bring have little to do with them, and everything to do with us, and that it can be immediately apparent or take years or decades to understand them.

I don't think that all of this is necessarily true from the perspectives of those passers-by, but it's the perspective through which I choose to view them all, and this life. I do think that every situation, every accomplishment, every challenge, is something to learn from. I do think that every word I say, every move I make, every decision I support will effect everything around me in the same way that I am affected by the movement of others. I do believe that our lives are in continual motion and that the motion is inevitably shared, no matter how much we try to separate or individualize.

I do think we're all connected, and we need to be careful and loving in our actions in order for the world to return to a more naturally positive balance.

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Jan McLaughlin said...

You said it, sister-goddess :)

Spoke briefly with your cuz' and hope to speak at more length today with her.

Great connecting again. Your photographs are LOVELY and perfect. Good luck in this endeavor and in your moving west. You found a fabulous niche to fill as only you can.