Friday, November 04, 2005

Pumpkin Carving Music Video

We had a jack-o-lantern carving party. Some of you may know that I'm obsessed with pumpkins in general, and take out a lot of my artistic vision on them around this time of year. To me, its like I'm being a camera - sculpting the light by removing layers of pumpmkin emulsion.... or something. well, anyways, a longer and more scriptually entertaining version of this party will be coming soon, but for now you get the quick and dirty music video. The music is Rusted Root, Agbadz. Enjoy

Click here for Quicktime movie (in a new window)

Runtime is 1:16

PS: the other pumpkin I carved this year is here:
and to see lots of pumpkins I carved before this year go to Artistic Pumpkins

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Anonymous said...

Who is the cool guy in the orange shirt?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that guy is awesome!

farmer said...

invite me next time.