Saturday, November 12, 2005

Farmer's Market II

I really appriciated all your comments on the first cut of this mini-doc. We decided that although we loved it, there was some basically inaudible audio in the middle and the story was a bit scattered, so we re-cut it and here is the second cut. Any of you who watched the first, let me know what you think about the changes. I'd love it. Thanks again everyone! enjoy..

Click here for Quicktime movie (in a new window)

Runtime is 2:39

PS: The first cut is here.

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Dave H. said...

I think this turned out great! I didn't see the first version, I will dig through my backlog and let you know what i think after i get a chance to watch it.

Jennifer Rundle said...

I like this version is great! I really like the addition of the guy talking about his grandmother coming to the market. The last version was good, but it seemed more repetitive than this one. Nice work!

possibly vacuous said...

Good work!
I think the second cut is good, and agree that the story is a bit tighter this way. Joe's comment was really endearing and pulls the story together nicely. I think I would've also liked to see and hear a bit more of whoever said the last line or leave her out - it seems a new voice is introduced but just when I want to hear more from her, the piece is over. Know what I mean?
I think it's wonderful that you're doing so much with your vlog, and using it to gather comments for a school project. You're a smart cookie. :)

farmer said...

From one farmer to another: "To me, being organic means taking care to the soil." Yeah. This vid is what IT is all about. Grow your own media, tend to the earth, and support others who do. This is the best prescription for a host of world ailments. A big video about being "simple". Good job. Great vibe. Keep it up.

dskippy said...

Thanks for your comment, it was very thoughtful and supportive in itself. I would be interested in reading/watching your blog/vlog, if you care to share it.

Steve Garfield said...

I featured this video on Vlog Soup 10. You got two in this weeks show!