Monday, February 27, 2006

Re Birthday

A small amount of confusion has ensued from this post. I guess I didn't realize that it might be confusing. So I am adding this text in order to clarify things a bit.

In case you are in the position of not knowing about my medical history, here is a brief overview. I was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1997, and ended up fixing that problem with a bone marrow transplant in 2000. I have been cancer-free since then, and have been celebrating the anniversary of that date ever since. So that's what this is all about. I'm sorry for any confusion, and thanks for all your support!


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This is the entry I wrote the day I had my transplant

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Killer B said...

I hate that I missed the party. I love that you share this stuff with us. Happy Birthday, Immune System.

Carl Weaver said...

Wow. I knew you had leukemia but I figured it was when you were very young. Thanks for sharing - I found this very touhing!

And happy birthday!

Dave H. said...

Hats off, thumbs up, and run on, sister. Run on.

your wonderful and adoring sister!!! said...

i love you!!! i celebrated your new birthday! hehe :) i always do a lil dance :) yay! hehe it's also my half birthday! :) ooo both our birthdays are eachothers half birthdays! how cool is that?!?! gosh it's like we're practically related! ;) hehe love you sissy!!!