Sunday, November 19, 2006

Takahe Attacks my Dad

The Takahe is one of the most endangered birds in the world. It was actually thought to be extinct for a good stretch of time, before being rediscovered and relocated to a protected island. Well, since my vacation in New Zealand was accompanied by my ornithologist father, we had to go to that island and check it out, along with all the other protected birds there. We were lucky enough to see it munching during lunch time by the picnic tables, and as if that isn't enough, it tried to eat my dad's pants. It makes you think, is it really any wonder this bird isn't doing so well? It's not like it can get by on its charm and good looks, either...

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Runtime is 1:40ish

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Joe said...

welcome back!

Carl Weaver said...

That's funny. Your dad's pants aren't even tasty looking either. I'm not a bird, though, so what do I know from tasty pants?