Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cap Drain Catastrophe 2: Consolation

So here's the conclusion you've all bean waiting for. One of the upsides to letting the little things bother you is that you tend to bounce back alot quicker. It seems the camera was off for some time after the cap went down. Whatever Jon said seems to have worked, but if I were him I don't know if I'd have mentioned that fork ...

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Runtime: 56 seconds

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Richard said...

first of all, she is increably cute ... second, while she appears to have become calm about the whole thing, I must sayd that I'm still distressed and wondering how you're going to get it out :) ... nice video

ryanne hodson said...

these are the best videos over
i die laughing at how cute serra is.
and i love that you have footage of yourself as a kiddie.
so freaking cool.

your wonderful and adoring sister!!! said...

you are the most adorable kid i've ever seen! :) but where's the famous "but I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it" line!?!? COMMON serra!!! that's the best part! how are they to know what happened??? post the i NEEEEEEEED it part!!! it's sooo freakin cute! :)