Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lightning Strikes Us

We had a ridiculous electrical storm last night, and since you all liked the rain so well we knew you would like this. As soon as the camera came out, lightning struck a telephone pole about 20 feet from our porch!

This runs about 3 minutes, and includes some really nice bolts and ridiculously loud thunder claps.


Carl Weaver said...

Electrical storms are so much fun when they are not destructive. This is a little too close to be any fun.

ryanne hodson said...

i'm going through the lightning strikes frame by frame
they look like daylight.
and that one you caught of the strike
is beautiful.

one time my mom and i were camping on the cape and lightning struck right next to our camper and the camper jumped into the air. my mom thought we were dead. it was really scary.

ryanne hodson said...

p.s. i keep watching this over and over
and i just gathered everyone around to watch the strikes frame by frame
awesome video