Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Stupid Frickin Squirrel

Its funny, I remember my grandmother battling squirrels when I was a little kid and wondering what her problem was - why did she hate them so much? they're so cute! my recent experiences have changed my opinion on that. this bastard ate a good inch of plastic out of my bird feeder, and about a third of the seed within two days of discovering it! most of the video is just the stupid squirrel making a racket continually. this is what we hear pretty much all day when the feeder is out. i mean really - what do you do in this situation?

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Runtime is 4:32


Carl Weaver said...

Tree-dwelling rats with fluffy tails. Yes, they are cute. I don't mind them eating bird seed because all the animals have to eat. All the same, I find them annoying while driving. I have nearly caused many accidents when the stupid things run out in frnt of the car and I have to swerve because I am afflicted with giving a crap about them.

bottomunion said...

They say a fed squirrel is a dead squirrel.

Owen said...

My parents have a feeder with a weight-sensitive circular bar for the birds to stand on when feeding. If a squirrel stands on it, it activates a motor which spins the bar around and flings the squirrel off the feeder.

Dave H. said...

It is an endless war for me. The best i have come up with are gigantic oversized plastic popcorn bowls from the dollar store used as baffles. but it ain't foolproof. they are annoying, but smart!