Saturday, January 14, 2006


So it's finallly happened. I've needed glasses for a while and I just went out and got them today. I must say, it's an impressively sharp world you folks have been looking at for the past couple of years. So I can see now. Oh yeah, and I'm superman.

Oh yeah, and you're adorable.

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Runtime is 28 seconds

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Killer B said...

He did it! I love it! You are both superpeople, esp. for using an R.E.M. song.

The Faux Press said...

As usual, you guys take the idea of the short film to a new and surprising level.

dskippy said...

Thanks Jan,

We were actually just talking about how we've had fewer than normal comments on this post when yours popped up. Maybe people don't realize it's a personal sort of announcement that I finally got glasses. Maybe people think that I really think I'm Superman and I'm just trying to show off. Maybe it's not as big a deal to people that I got glasses as it is to me. It's a bit of a weird feeling actually. Going all these years seeing mirror reflections and pictures of myself, I've gotten used to how I look. Looked.

Time Cube Cubic Awareness said...

However, people with glasses are sometimes dubbed "four eyes". That's because four is the supreme number of the universe. This all has to do with Time Cube! Time Cube is the Truth!

dskippy said...

If you don't understand Mike's glasses, then you're Evil.

-Time Cube Guy

Carl Weaver said...

Mike, you are an evil glasses animal. I am an evil word animal.

Nice specs!

still confused about Time Cube because I am evil,

croquetbroom said...

I recently did the same thing. I too was amazed how sharp the world really was. I knew my eyesight had declined. Things were blurry but I wasn't aware of the extent to which this was so. Makes one wonder what else is declining progressively from childhood that they don't quite realize. Perhaps just senses that aren't the same as everyone elses. Taste, learning, feeling, fear, orgasm, smell, and other stuff that I'm not smart enough to be aware of. whoa save the hungry children man

ryanne hodson said...

glasses are super cute
i have fake glasses so i can be as cool as people like you.

Anthony said...

simple yet profound. you can see clearly now the blur is gone. congrats on the new specs.