Monday, January 23, 2006

Snow Elves and Snow Blowers

Two Washington girls go for a walk in the snow (something we dont get much back home...). I met Akesha here, but she's from Seattle too so she knows what's up. Don't miss the cameo by random friendly snow blower guy.

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Runtime is 57 seconds

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Dooser said...

She looks so awesome in that white jacket.

Dave H. said...

only 6 months of winter left! hooray! (ugh!!!)

Ellen Goldman said...

I love finding friends online.
Tell Kesh that Cookie saw the video.
I can't believe all the snow up there!
When is she going back to Seattle? or coming down to see her Grandma?
Give her my love ......

And keep up the videologging......
Its my latest facination.


Matthew J said...

Snow sucks. There should be a law against it. However, if you are looking for snow, check out the midwest some time. Maybe Michigan? Cheers.