Monday, January 09, 2006

The ReBuilding Center

We are back now from a great vacation in Washington! During our time there, we found out that a good friend of mine had gotten into a car accident, so we went to Portland, Oregon to see her. Since she was in kinda rough shape, we did a lot of expeditioning on our own. This is one of the places we came across. I couldn't get enough of this place!!!

Click here for Quicktime movie (in a new window)

Links in the movie are:
Our United Villages
The cob builder's handbook
What is cob?

Runtime is about 4 1/2 minutes

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Dooser said...

This rocks.

french/new/wave/nerd said...

WOW -this is truly inspiring -I would love to see more of this kind of productivity happening across the world.


Norah said...

The ReBuiding Center is the best place to work, I'm very lucky to be surrounded by awesome employees and creative visitors. Thanks for pointing us out, Norah

Killer B said...

I love how Serra says she doesn't pay attention to the news and stuff but she always ends up giving awareness to and supporting awesome community projects and initiatives. She's way more knowledgeable about stuff than she leads us to believe.


Matthew J said...

Dude! You went to Washington and didn't even look me up! Oh well. Maybe next time. Also, next time I'm down there, I'm definately going to check that place out. Cheers.

ryanne hodson said...

i love these kinds of videos
they're better than PBS
and also i love seeing recycling and sustainablity happening and being shared in the vlogosphere.
rock on with this one

dskippy said...

I'm a conservation, recycling and sustainability fanatic. I'm that girl who goes around shutting lights off in unoccupied rooms, and making general announcements when i see recyclables in the garbage can.

Brittany - I don't see the parallel you're making with watching the news. From what I can see, mainstream America isn't advertising this kind of sustainability... ;-)


Carl Weaver said...

This is so inspiring. Thanks so much for posting this, Serra and Mike! Is there anything in our area (you know - Central and Eastern MA) that is similar?

Ed S. said...

Great video guys, you beat me to it and I LIVE IN PORTLAND! Wish I would have known you were coming, we could have had a vlog-meet.

Rebuilding Center is on my list of places to profile, but you guys beat me to it. Damn.