Monday, July 11, 2005

Getting to Vloggercue

We went to New York for vloggercue this weekend. On our way there, we spent some time contemplating the meaning of security. We felt it was important to give some thought to the orange alert in effect around us. Here are a few things we noticed.

I can't figure out why this doesn't show up in FireAnt - If anyone knows, please leave me a note. -serra


Markus Sandy said...

Funny commentary. Glad you made it to a vloggercue safe and sound in these dark and dangerous times.

Speaking of condition orange, I ordered a new camera a while back and the homeland security inspecition tape (green) was all over it when it arrived.

I'm sure glad those agent orange boys are making sure my camera from some eBay seller in China is for real and not some terrist trying to send me a bomb or something.

Here's a vid I made about it.

Gena said...

Security at the Greyhound station?

I dunno.

True, some of those folks are scary looking but they don't warrant an orange alert.

Oh the times that we live in, great for comics and video bloggers. Neato, keen.

Lez said...

funny stuff. i feel so much safer now that no one at all is allowed on the platform. let's just all stay home and watch the nightly news instead of venturing out into the scary scary world.

dskippy said...

What's with the green tape, Markus? Do they open the package and then wrap it in green if it passes inspection? or do they just wrap it to warn you that they are worried about its content?

Anonymous said...

glad to see i wasnt the only one who took the bus, would of taken the same one.

randy from lowell