Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Learn to Juggle

I was trying to juggle and doing terribly, so Mike decided to set me straight. I hope this benefits more than just me, and you can all learn to juggle if you don't know how already. Then you can be as cool as Mike :-P

The runtime on this is almost 6 minutes, but you can watch the first 20 seconds to see mike just juggling. BYOJB (bring your own juggling balls)


Jared said...

what a great video. I feel the need to locate my beanbags and try out Mike's tips!

Devlon said...

Where does one get those balls, they look and sounds bit like hacky-sack balls but larger.

I used to be almost as cool as Mike :) I could do 3 normally, 2 with one hand

...but now I just injure people.

Steve Garfield said...


Next I want unicycle lessons! ;-)

dskippy said...


I got them as a Christmas present actually. They were ordered by mail. However, I did also get a pair for a friend and I got them at a game and hobby shop in Faneuil Hall, Boston. They are some what similar to hacky-sack balls but a lot more solid. They don't flop around much. The weight is really good for juggling. I highly recomend them. Note of causion: They can hurt when hurled across the room by girlfriends.


dskippy said...


You and me both.


dskippy said...



Dooser said...


Unicycle lessons? I have a unicycle. mmmm...unicycle.

Alex said...

i can unicycle too!