Saturday, July 23, 2005

Thunder Storm

I'm going to try to start posting the length so that you know what you're getting into before you click. This one happens to be about 48 seconds.


jennifer said...

Nice shots of the makes me long for southern summers.

Josh Leo said...

I live seeing people in the rain...did you know that you get more wet when you run un the rain then when you walk slowly?

dskippy said...

have you tested this theory? do you get more wet per second, or overall? because you'd surely get OUT of the rain faster if you ran... Maybe it depends on how far you have to go. I bet if you had to go a mile, it would be about the same ;-)

Chris said...

I loved that. I wish I had grabed the camera the other week when we had a great storm like that.

Carl Weaver said...

I think whether you get more wet running or walking is a fubnction of how hard the rain is and how long you will be in it. I have certainly figured a number of times it didn't matter because after a while you just can't get any more wet.

Anyway, nice video. I love the rain. You inspired me!

ryanne hodson said...

quite a satisfying video
i love the rain!